Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Move for a National Nap Time

I am ex. haus. ted.

Emotionally, physically, mentally.  And it's only Wednesday.

This happened a few nights ago.

Something woke Koby and me up in the middle of the night during a hellacious storm.  "A limb probably fell on my truck," he said.  "Nahhhh, I bet something fell in the bathroom," I mumbled as I rolled over back to sleep.  I can't be bothered by much at 4 am.  Not 'a limb', not one, but two trees fell on Koby's truck and also knocked over his HEAVVVVVY grill.  Somehow, nothing was damaged.  And tree-hugger though I am, I'm secretly thrilled that those eyesores bit the dust in a very literal fashion that thunderous night. 

Then, this happened.

I got a new car!  You might be able to tell I'm a little bit excited in this picture.  We said farewell to the Red Rider, the Jeep that made countless trips to and from Austin and Abilene and took my friends and me to California, the car in which I pledged many a scared Biddie, lent out to friends to use on dates, and brought Sophie home in.  Red Rider, your replacement makes me feel a bit like a mommy well into her 30s, but the White Wagon is a pretty, fancy car packed with way more features than a person could really need (heated mirrors and a panoramic sunroof?  I ask you) and I think she'll be well-suited to carting Knox to and from his future extracurriculars.  (It goes without saying that I'm now TERRIFIED of parking my new car in our dangerous driveway.)

That excursion brought us home late on Monday night, and then yesterday I took some kids on a field trip.  Who plans a field trip the day after everyone gets back from Spring Break?  A stupid art teacher.  Anyway, the trip was fun, but tiring in the way that only field trips can be.  See more at the Art Dept. website at  Meanwhile, Knox is on this new sleeping pattern where he essentially doesn't (thanks teeth) and so I'm feeling less than rested.  My 5K is steadily approaching and my workouts are happening fewer and further between. 

Emotionally this week has been challenging.  We lost a student over Spring Break in a car accident and it's been hard.  A loss, regardless of whether or not you were close with the person, forces you to confront the risk in every day life, the reality of your mortality and the mortality of all those whom you love.... and it's especially hard when it's a person taken so early in life.  The kids have been pretty good about it - some are still having trouble going into the classes they shared with the student, some are still missing a day here or there, but I think the ones who attended the funeral are a few steps ahead as far as closure goes, which is good.  It's really just not fair, it's one of those situations that brings up some thorny questions with God, but it's life here and it's something I'm seeing the kids shoulder pretty well.

To end on a lighter subject, I'm ready to reveal the change that could be taking place on the home/work life front, since more than a few people have quizzed me about it.  I'm (probably) going to take on the role of cheerleading sponsor next year at our school (probably) with another of the coaches.  (Pause for laughter.  Done?  Ok, me too.)  It just makes sense - we travel to all the games anyway, and this way we'd be spending just as much time with our families and getting involved on a whole new level.  Cross your fingers that the drama will be kept to a minimum, alright?